Friday, April 14, 2006

Saving a Tree

"The board that you see behind me is created from man made materials. We do anything we can to save a tree."
Has anyone ever told this man that a tree is a plant? Trees can be grown to be harvested by humans to use in our daily lives. The materials used to make that board are mined and made into sheets to be put on a wall. It takes about 60 years to grow a good pine tree to be harvested. To get the materials the board is made of takes around 600. A tree is a plant like corn or grass, yet I don't see that man standing in front of a combine or a mower telling how distructive we are being to our environment. It seems people think that our only way of changing carbon dioxide into oxygen is through a tree. All green leaf plants do this. This shows just how narrow minded tree huggers like this man are.
Unfortunately, most tree huggers are "at one with nature" and complain about more than just trees being cut down, they also open their mouths about hunting. Hunting is done for two reasons that are beneficial; wild animal meat is a good source and animals out of a large group must be culled. The deer and hog population is growing steadily and there is only one thing to do about it; send in the hunters. Now they want to make guns outlawed. Why? Do you honestly think that the only reason people get guns is to kill "cute, helpless" animals and to kill people? Some people who actually have a brain don't decide on stepping on a snake when they see one. Also, even if you outlawed guns, people would still keep some. If people break the law on breaking into someone's house then do you think that they would turn a gun in? So, people would need a form of protection equal to or greater then the gun. So what are our choices? Oh yeah, a gun. Maybe taking guns away isn't such a great idea.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Liberals and democrats

First off, I would like to ask why such an important party would choose a donkey as its symbol? Seems a little like downsizing one's self to me. Of course, in the future it will probably be changed to something more ferocious and dangerous, instead of what it should be, a mocking bird. Nearly all liberals say more than they know. Shows that the ones that know the least have the most to say. Go figure.
Secondly, why can't you make up your mind on how this country should be run? Obviously George can't please you in any way. First you criticism him for not getting enough information on what is happening with people coming into our country. Now you ask why he allows calls to be intercepted. I say you should complain about one thing instead of everything. It is because of liberals that the democrats have a bad name. Yet it is because of democrats that a donkey is known to be absolutely stupid.
When I look at the types of people that democrats support and see that those people include homosexuals, blacks, and women, I believe that they should be supported. Yet I wonder what makes these people a minority. When they can have a "Gay Network", a "Black Miss America", and have jobs reworked to fit the needs of women, I do not think that they are a minority any more. Honestly, I would like someone to tell me one legitimate job that a homosexual, black, or woman is not allowed to fill. Yes, they should all be supported, but when I hear that a woman is calling a man a chauvinist because he opened a door for her and you support her for it, then that is wrong. But I'm a white male, part of a majority, and a teenager on top of that, so what do I know?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Corruption of the News Media

The news of today had truly been corrupted. This is easily seen in how the progress versus the tragedies is reported out of Iraq. If someone merely turned his or her television onto the news, that person would have a sense of doubt and fear of how the United States military forces are an inadequate form of protection. Its too bad that the people are misinformed.
I have had two cousins who have served in the War in Iraq, and both merely comment on the deaths and severe consequences of entering Iraq, yet they seem to talk more about improvements being made daily for the Iraqi people. The news media has completely blown the downsides of Iraq out of the water. Yes, soldiers die every day, yet that is not the only thing that is happening in the Middle East. If those soldiers had a choice, I am sure that they would want the true meaning of the War in Iraq to reach the people instead of singling out the bad occurrences. If the press had reported on World War II like they do on the War in Iraq, the United States would probably have torn itself apart out of panic.
It seems like everyone feeds off of the downsides to things. No one ever hears about how people are so nice to one another, instead the news publishes arguments and rivals found in our government. Whether it is an accident that a republican made, such as Bush or Cheney, or how poorly they are running our government, it will never be good news. Yet, isn’t it funny that one never hears about a liberal screwing up?

Friday, March 03, 2006

The Effects of Blogging

"A new system of communication is changing society and no body knows it."
That is what my computer teacher told me the first day she introduced blogging to my class. As I questioned the statement she made ( How can society be changing if no body knows it?), I was reminded of the topic of Trent Lott.
At the party of Strom Thurmond's 100th birthday, Trent Lott stated that "I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. W're proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years, either." Later, Democrats such as Jesse Jackson and former Vice President Al Gore said that his comment was "racist." This was because of Thurman's background. In the 1948 presidential race, Thurman's party declared "We stand for the segregation of the races and the racial integrity of each race." Even though Thurman mellowed out from his strong support for segregation, his past seemed to haunt Lott. The reason for any and all of the attention drawn to this statement came from two people who found his statement interesting, so they picked it up and ran with it.
Glenn Reynolds and Josh Marshall launched blogs over the internet at to talk on the "racist" comments which Lott used. Finally, the press found a way to bring the negative to the public, so they did. Lott's statements had nothing to do with racism, yet the press corps thought differently.
Even though the corrupting news groups of today would have criticised Lott anyways, it takes communication to bring information to them, and blogging did just that.