Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Corruption of the News Media

The news of today had truly been corrupted. This is easily seen in how the progress versus the tragedies is reported out of Iraq. If someone merely turned his or her television onto the news, that person would have a sense of doubt and fear of how the United States military forces are an inadequate form of protection. Its too bad that the people are misinformed.
I have had two cousins who have served in the War in Iraq, and both merely comment on the deaths and severe consequences of entering Iraq, yet they seem to talk more about improvements being made daily for the Iraqi people. The news media has completely blown the downsides of Iraq out of the water. Yes, soldiers die every day, yet that is not the only thing that is happening in the Middle East. If those soldiers had a choice, I am sure that they would want the true meaning of the War in Iraq to reach the people instead of singling out the bad occurrences. If the press had reported on World War II like they do on the War in Iraq, the United States would probably have torn itself apart out of panic.
It seems like everyone feeds off of the downsides to things. No one ever hears about how people are so nice to one another, instead the news publishes arguments and rivals found in our government. Whether it is an accident that a republican made, such as Bush or Cheney, or how poorly they are running our government, it will never be good news. Yet, isn’t it funny that one never hears about a liberal screwing up?


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Excellent points. Remember to link to your sources. You may also want to begin tagging and go to technorati and claim your blog. Folks will then start finding you.

If you go and comment on other people's political blogs, they will start going back to yours as well. Ask me in class and I'll work with you.

This is another excellent post, you have a lot of potential with this. I want to help you! I'm very proud!

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