Sunday, April 09, 2006

Liberals and democrats

First off, I would like to ask why such an important party would choose a donkey as its symbol? Seems a little like downsizing one's self to me. Of course, in the future it will probably be changed to something more ferocious and dangerous, instead of what it should be, a mocking bird. Nearly all liberals say more than they know. Shows that the ones that know the least have the most to say. Go figure.
Secondly, why can't you make up your mind on how this country should be run? Obviously George can't please you in any way. First you criticism him for not getting enough information on what is happening with people coming into our country. Now you ask why he allows calls to be intercepted. I say you should complain about one thing instead of everything. It is because of liberals that the democrats have a bad name. Yet it is because of democrats that a donkey is known to be absolutely stupid.
When I look at the types of people that democrats support and see that those people include homosexuals, blacks, and women, I believe that they should be supported. Yet I wonder what makes these people a minority. When they can have a "Gay Network", a "Black Miss America", and have jobs reworked to fit the needs of women, I do not think that they are a minority any more. Honestly, I would like someone to tell me one legitimate job that a homosexual, black, or woman is not allowed to fill. Yes, they should all be supported, but when I hear that a woman is calling a man a chauvinist because he opened a door for her and you support her for it, then that is wrong. But I'm a white male, part of a majority, and a teenager on top of that, so what do I know?


Blogger Vicki A. Davis said...

Remember, that it is broad generalizations that you are against so make sure that you don't make them. To call something or somebody "stupid" is no different than someone calling me "technically illiterate" because I'm a female.

As you know me, your teacher, you know that I have Republican leanings some of the time. And yet, the greatest politician I have known personally is Sam Nunn, a Democrat. I prefer to vote issues and men and women with character over party.

This is a good post, mostly. Just beware of broad generalizations and characterizations such as this so that as you broaden your political audience that you remain credible. See Michelle Malkin's blog as a person who effectively speaks for the right and rarely takes a 'low blow."

You continue to show great promise.

9:43 AM  

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