Friday, April 14, 2006

Saving a Tree

"The board that you see behind me is created from man made materials. We do anything we can to save a tree."
Has anyone ever told this man that a tree is a plant? Trees can be grown to be harvested by humans to use in our daily lives. The materials used to make that board are mined and made into sheets to be put on a wall. It takes about 60 years to grow a good pine tree to be harvested. To get the materials the board is made of takes around 600. A tree is a plant like corn or grass, yet I don't see that man standing in front of a combine or a mower telling how distructive we are being to our environment. It seems people think that our only way of changing carbon dioxide into oxygen is through a tree. All green leaf plants do this. This shows just how narrow minded tree huggers like this man are.
Unfortunately, most tree huggers are "at one with nature" and complain about more than just trees being cut down, they also open their mouths about hunting. Hunting is done for two reasons that are beneficial; wild animal meat is a good source and animals out of a large group must be culled. The deer and hog population is growing steadily and there is only one thing to do about it; send in the hunters. Now they want to make guns outlawed. Why? Do you honestly think that the only reason people get guns is to kill "cute, helpless" animals and to kill people? Some people who actually have a brain don't decide on stepping on a snake when they see one. Also, even if you outlawed guns, people would still keep some. If people break the law on breaking into someone's house then do you think that they would turn a gun in? So, people would need a form of protection equal to or greater then the gun. So what are our choices? Oh yeah, a gun. Maybe taking guns away isn't such a great idea.


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